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Using Succulents as Wedding Decor.

I'm going to get right to the point. Succulents are a clever, convenient, and inexpensive way to decorate your wedding day.

As you can see above, succulents come in a variety of earthy colors. The different textures enliven one's gaze as it tries to pin down exactly why this plant grew in such an odd manner. Often short, spikey yet oddly welcoming, succulents can be placed throughout your wedding venue.

And here is the best part about it: they can be shipped directly to your home! or wedding venue! Some online stores even provide you with up to 25 2-in pots of succulents for under $50. So imagine, you could place a succulent at each table to be the centerpiece or go with the floral centerpiece. Many wedding venues, including ours, have window sills that would also be a perfect place to decorate with succulents.

Now, of course, flowers are still king at any wedding, but sometimes a clever and unique combination does the trick!

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