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Growing Cosmos for your Wedding: Easy step-by-step instructions for growing Cosmos for your wedding.

There is no other way to put it, cosmos are amazing. These heat-thriving plants are useful in so many ways.

For one, they are incredibly productive all summer long. The more you cut from them, the more flowers you will get. As you will see, even just one plant grows tall and bushy and will provide you with dozens upon dozens of flowers all season long.

Cosmos are also amazing because they are gorgeous even when not harvested. We scatted them around our wedding barn and entire wedding venue to add an easy. to maintain splash of color. All you have to do is deadhead them (go around and pinch/cut off their heads) and the plant will refresh itself with new blooms.

We also use them for wedding flowers in bouquets and in our wedding barn for centerpieces and other wedding decors. They are not typically a focal flower but are great flowers for the "supporting cast" in a wedding bouquet or centerpiece.

As I always say, depending on your growing situation, a city balcony, a small backyard, a rural farm, etc. growing cosmos is possible and you should do it! Cosmos prefer 8-10 hours of sun a day. But if your area has a little less, try them anyway. Often I find that flowers surprise me with how well they do!

Without further ado, here it is:

Growing Cosmos: Simple step-by-step instructions for Growing Cosmos in 2022.

Step 1: Plant Seeds

Direct sowing in soil: Plant directly in soil 1 inch deep 12-18 inches apart once there is no more chance of a frost. Once the cosmos are about 12 inches tall cut back the top few leaves to promote growth.

Indoor in trays: Plant in 2-3 inch deep trays 1 inch deep roughly 4 weeks before your last frost is expected. Transplant outside once the frost season has ended 12-18 inches apart.

Step 2: Water and care

Cosmos are pretty drought tolerant and love the heat but regular watering helps.

Step 3: Harvest blooms

Harvest all summer long. Regularly deadhead (when the blooms look rotten or dead) to help promote even more blooms.

Enjoy the Cosmos!!!! ;-)

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