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Growing Jade Plants from Leaf Cutting to Liven up our Wedding Barn and Wedding Venue.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I am on a mission to liven up our wedding barn and wedding venue with some house plants. The new wedding barn is gorgeous no doubt, but the mostly wood look is in dire need of some contrast. I know that growing some house plants to bring into our wedding barn will be a nice natural touch to its interior. Not only will the plants bring beauty to the space all on their own, but the plants will help soften the wood interior and, therefore, make the wood look even sharper.

One plant I am choosing to use is a jade plant. We have some large jade plants with plenty of leaves in our home so why not use them to propagate more jade plants. Easy peasy!

Here's how I did it laid out in our new video series on our youtube channel Grow Plants Now: Farmhouse Flowers Wedding Venue called One Minute Growing How To's. The title of this one is Propagating a Jade Plant from Leaf Cuttings.

Here are the steps laid out in the video:

  1. Put potting soil into pots and/or trays

  2. Cut leaves off your jade plant close to its stem

  3. Let leaves sit for 3-5 days (Harden the cut end helps keep disease out)

  4. Dip cut ends in rooting hormone (optional)

  5. Stick cut ends of leaves into the soil

  6. Water as needed and watch them grow!

Now we just need to wait and watch them grow!

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