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How different poo makes your wedding day perfect. Wait, what?!

I love playing with poo! Stinky for sure but it is such a perfect symbol of the circle of life. The dead, dying, and decaying bring rise to the new, the seeds, the future. And here at Farmhouse Flowers, poo is a vital part it making sure you have healthy flowers on your wedding day. Healthy and vibrant wedding flowers for your bouquets, for your centerpieces, and flowers that surround the entire wedding barn and wedding venue.

"I know you'd like to think your s%$t don't stank...." Is that stuck in your head yet!?

Here you will find a simple guide to manure and we use it here at Farmhouse Flowers to support our wedding venue.

Now obviously everything, even the quality of poo for growing plants, exist on a spectrum and can be ever so complicating. Certain plants or flowers may prefer a high or lower level of nitrogen, phosphorus, and/or potassium and certain plants or flowers may like different levels of these three depending on what stage of growth they are in.

Intimidated yet?!

Haha! Don't worry. This will be a SIMPLE GUIDE!

  1. Chicken manure: here at Farmhouse Flowers we have many chickens meaning we have plenty of chicken s%$t! But be careful because fresh, non-composted chicken manure is considered 'hot" because it is high in nitrogen. This means that it is better for vegging plants and not flowering plants. But even with this, applying chicken manure directly to your soil/plants can 'burn them' (trust me, I've learned the hard way!) You can add a small amount of dried chicken manure directly into the soil but just don't add too much. With the rest, mix it in with your compost pile and let time do it's thing!

  2. Horse manure: we are lucky to have horse farmers down the road so we have plenty of free access to horse manure. Horse manure is not quite as rich in nitrogen as chicken manure but is still much richer than cow manure. With this, you want to still treat it as you would chicken manure because it is 'hot' and could 'burn' your plants if it is applied fresh and non-composted. However, we have a fun fact about peonies and horse manure that we learned from a good old-timer Bill who lives next door to us. Apply fresh horse manure to your peonies right as they are flowering and it does wonders. Why?! Not sure because this goes against the idea of not using hot manure when plants are flowering. But for a reason I am unsure of, it works!

  3. Cow manure: Cow manure is your safest bet because it is not 'hot' manure but a 'cold' manure. This is because it isn't as high in nitrogen as the others which also means that applying it when it is fresh and non-composted is ok as long as you don't overdo it.

So as you can now see, all of the flowers at Farmhouse Flowers depend on poo. It's funny to think that your wedding day is so dependent on, once again, poo. All the flowers that enliven the wedding barn and wedding venue, depend on poo. Now even though a wise man once said "I know you'd like to think your s%$t don't stank....", luckily here at Farmhouse Flowers our poo is now in the form of beautiful, good smelling, flowers!

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