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Growing Flowers Now: Ordinary Cosmos or Double-Click Cosmos?

As flower farmers, growing cosmos are are an absolute must. They are easy to grow, they provide colorful blooms throughout the majority of the growing season, and they are a great filler flower for bouquets.

But what about the double-click variety of cosmos? Before I tell you my opinion, take a look at these two photos. The top one is your typical cosmos and the bottom one is the double-click cosmos? Note that we grow both types on our flower farm.

Typical Cosmos

Double-Click Cosmos

As you can see, they almost look like two entirely different flowers. While the typical cosmos provides that typical flower look, the double-click variety brings a whole other level of visual stimulation. The double-clicks add texture that almost seem to provide movement to each petal. And from our experience, when you clustered the double-clicks together in a bouquet they surely make a real statement. Instead of being a filler flower, these types of cosmos become a focal flower in a bouquet.

So which variety should you be growing? It's simple, both. As stated at the beginning, cosmos are easy to grow, and double-click cosmos is no different. Each variety is a must for any flower growing. But just remember that even many avid flower growers have never grown or even encountered the double-click variety. So by growing double clicks, you will surely make heads turn.

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