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Adding greenery to our wedding barn and wedding venue with plants that grow in water!

Most every time somebody walks in our new barn, whether a couple during a venue visit or one of our regular flower farm visitors, they almost always make the comment, "Wow, you can still smell the fresh wood."

Now although we very much enjoy this smell and all the wood, it sometimes triggers me to think that our wedding barn needs a little flare with something other than wood. Yes, a wedding or any barn at that is primarily made of wood, but how do we bring in something to soften the visual overwhelmingness of wood?

This is when houseplants jumped into my head! What a perfect and simple way to spruce up our wedding barn and wedding venue. All I need to do now is propagate some cuttings from a bunch of our houseplants and then place them on each window sill in our wedding barn. Let's go!

Here are the 2 plants that I am going to use to green up our wedding barn and wedding venue:


How to grow a pathos plant in water
Pothos Plant Growing in Water

Spider Plant

Spider Plant for Cuttings

Here are the 3 easy steps I am going to use to propagate and grow these house plants in water.

1. Find a root node on your plant and cut about 1/4 inch below it. Note that some plants that can't grow in water may not have visible root nodes. As you can see below, pothos and Spider plants will have visible root nodes.

Root node on Pothos plant

Root Nodes on Spider Plant

Where to cut a cutting on a pathos plant

Where to cut a cutting on a spider plant.

2. Place the cutting or cuttings in a glass of water and place the glass in a location with decent sun exposure (perhaps by a window!) Change the water once a week or so (if you remember!). If you don't, it will most likely be fine.

Spider plant cutting growing in water

Pothos plant cutting growing in water

Spider plant cutting growing in water

How to grow plants in water

3.That's it! Now I will just wait until the warmer spring weather to bring them into the wedding barn.

From here, once the roots have been established I may transplant the plants back into soil and place them on small pots in each of the sills in our wedding barn.

Come check them out this spring!

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