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A Wedding Venue visit at The Wedding Barn at Farmhouse Flowers.

Let's start from the beginning. Upon your first wedding venue visit to Farmhouse Flowers and our wedding venue, you will instantly feel welcome. My wife Bridget and I (Thomas) are, well, social butterflies. We get so much joy out of meeting new people and helping their vision of their special day come true.

If it's the morning, I will surely offer you a fresh cup of coffee with maple syrup as an option. If it's the afternoon or evening, you may just find yourself with a beer in your hand!

As you walk into the new wedding barn you will begin to notice the many attractive features of the wedding barn such as the fresh wood look, the beautiful decorative metal railings, and artwork, the expansive cathedral ceiling, the natural light busting in from the windows, the loft that overlooks the entire floorplan, the raised stage for your music needs, and much more.

As you walk out the back door of the wedding barn towards the pond and bar, you will begin to notice the flower gardens. For Bridget and me, the flowers are our favorite part of our wedding venue. Our vision for our wedding venue was to surround it with flowers from a real working flower farm. I mean, who wouldn't want to get married while being surrounded by flowers? And although we have a ways to go in order to fully immerse this wedding venue and wedding barn with flowers, we are happy with where we are currently at.

From here, we will leave the wedding barn and walk across the bridge past the onsite 6 bedroom house and up the hill to the ceremony site. (The bridge has been a photo favorite for all of our wedding couples!)

Now you will get a view from the ceremony site of the entire wedding venue: the wedding barn, the pond, the bar, the flower gardens, and even the mountains in the backdrop.

As we walk back down the hill, you will once again get a view of the entire wedding venue. But this time you will begin to imagine what it would look like if you did get married here amongst the flowers at this special Vermont wedding venue. Friends and family laughing and conversing around the pond and bar, dancing their little and big hearts out in the new wedding barn, and showering you with love.

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